6 Sacrifices Entrepreneurs Will Have to Make

Anyone who decides to step into the role of entrepreneurship typically has big dreams and goals that they want to accomplish in their business. And why not?! You have the potential to build wealth and establish a business that will be a part of your legacy. But for that to happen, there are sacrifices entrepreneurs will have to make to succeed in their business. In this article, you will learn about 6 Sacrifices Entrepreneurs Will Have to Make.

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The idea of having to sacrifice some of your life for your business to succeed may seem less than ideal. But Tim Notke said it best, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” 

These are the 6 sacrifices that every entrepreneur will have to make:

1. Stability

A woman counting money at her desk with a notebook and pen. This is one of the sacrifices Entrepreneurs Will Have to Make.

One of the biggest sacrifices entrepreneurs will have to make is to give up their stability. If you choose to leave your job to be a full-time entrepreneur, you’ll be saying goodbye to a consistent paycheck, work schedule, personal time off (PTO), health insurance, retirement benefits, and more!

It sounds scary when you’re giving up your employee benefits for the unknown road of entrepreneurship.

But, don’t let that scare you.

Instead of thinking about what you may lose by leaving your job, think about what you can possibly gain. There is no glass ceiling on how much money you can make, you don’t have to ask for days off, you can spend more time with family, etc.

I’m not saying entrepreneurship is easy, but it’s worth it, you’re worth it.

2. Steady Income

This goes hand-in-hand with stability, but I want to go into more detail about this. Your income is going to change big time which means you are going to have to change your spending habits until your business brings in a steady income. Budgeting is going to be vital if you want to get your business up and running.

For example, you may have to eat out less and cook at home more. You can even get resourceful with the way you grocery shop by using coupons and looking for items on sale. The One Week Budget by Tiffany the Budgetnista is a great read to start learning how to budget your money better.

3. Social Life and Relationships

Social life and relationships with friends and family are one of many sacrifices entrepreneurs will have to make when starting their businesses. This may mean instead of going out to a party, you may need to stay back and put in a few extra hours of work to get your business off the ground.

I wouldn’t completely recommend putting your social life and relationships on the back burner for your business. But try to carve out time from your busy schedule to have some some fun.

4. Health and Wellness

A woman jogging on pavement.

I am a firm believer that your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being is a high priority. However, many entrepreneurs put their health and wellness on the back burner at the expense of their business. For some it may look like not getting 8 hours of sleep, not working out, or eating poorly.

According to Entrepreneur, a survey revealed that the majority of CEOs get less than six hours of sleep every night. Poor health can lead to many things that may cause you to end up in the hospital. But that doesn’t have to happen to you.

The beauty of entrepreneurship is that you can set your own hours. Find the time to incorporate self care in your routine. The key is to find a healthy balance where you put your health and wellness before your business.

5. Work-Life Balance

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, it’s going to be a challenge to try and balance your work life and personal life. Here’s why. Naturally, you’re going to think about your business and what needs to be done to take your business to the next level.

Sounds great, right?

But the problem is that it can interfere with making time for yourself, doing things you enjoy, and more! Don’t become such a workaholic that you isolate yourself from everything and everyone.

If you’re wondering how you can find a healthy work-life balance, here are a few ways…

Work-Life Balance Strategies

  1. Outsource work tasks to help free up some of your time
  2. Learn to say no to things that aren’t worth your time.
  3. Create a to-do list and prioritize the tasks based on their urgency and importance.
  4. Set a set schedule for your work hours and stick to them.
  5. Use a calendar planner book to schedule time out for yourself to do things you like.

6. Comfortability

Last but not least, comfortability is a sacrifice that many entrepreneurs will have to make. If you want to succeed in your business, you are going to have to step outside of your comfort zone. You’re the “Boss” which means you will wear many hats and make tough decisions that you’ve never had to make before.

It’ll get easier with time to get comfortable with the role(s) you play in your business. The key is to identify what your barriers are and find a way to push past them. If not, it can hinder your progress in your business.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading 6 Sacrifices Entrepreneurs Will Have to Make. Hard work and some sacrifices are necessary to see success in your business. If you need help with your online business, schedule a 1:1 consultation with me.

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