8 Ways to Save Money for Your Big Vacation

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You work so hard, day in and day out. Sometimes you just need to take a break and relax. And what better way to do that than to go on a vacation?! But, the only thing that’s stopping you from booking that trip is the lack of money. Here’s the truth, you don’t have to be rich to travel domestically or abroad. Don’t get me wrong, traveling isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive either. All it takes is a bit of budgeting and planning. In this post, I am going to teach you 8 ways to save money for your big vacation.

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Where are you going?

Before you start saving money for your vacation, it’s best to have an idea of where you want to go first. Do you want to go to Paris, France? Honolulu, Hawaii? Savannah, GA? No matter where you decide to go, you want to consider the expenses that come along with going to that destination. While you won’t have the exact cost because prices often fluctuate, it will give you an idea on approximately how much you need to save for.

Expenses that you may want to consider are:

  • Airfare & Baggage fees
  • Transportation
  • Cost of meals
  • ATM fees
  • Entertainment

And more!

1. Open a Savings Accounts for Travel

Opening a savings account is a great way to save for your vacation. All you have to do is save a certain amount of money biweekly or monthly. The best part is that you can accrue a small amount of interest. Hey! Every penny counts. But, If you’re not disciplined to put money away, then automate a percentage of your paycheck to deposit into your savings account. You can even use a digital money jar to store loose change and eventually add it to your savings account.

2. Sell Items You Don’t Use

You may be sitting on a goldmine and don’t even know it! We all have things lying around the house that we no longer use. That could be gently used clothes, video games, kids toys, furniture, etc. The stuff you have that’s lying around, taking up space and collecting dust can equal some cash in your pockets. You can sell your unused items and put that money towards your vacation. These days you don’t need to have a garage sale in your front yard. You just need to snap a picture with your smartphone, write a description and post it online. The best platforms to sell used items are on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, eBay, Poshmark, etc.

3. Eat Out Less

Now I love to drink Starbucks coffee as much as the next coffee lover. However, drinking a grande Honey Almond Milk Flat White with a Double-Smoked Bacon, Cheddar & Egg Sandwich every other day adds up. That extra money could go towards an excursion like swimming with the dolphins. My suggestion is to cook and prep your meals at home to resist the temptation of eating out. I go to Pinterest to find recipes and use food storage containers to prep my meals. You can also make your own coffee at home too. Trust me, your wallet will thank you.

4. Cashback & Reward Apps

Cashback and reward apps are the best thing since sliced bread. No, seriously! I absolutely love earning cashback on items that I plan on purchasing anyway. One of my favorite cashback apps to use is Rakuten! They have over 2,500 stores (Target, Walmart, etc.) to choose from and they pay you according to their pay schedule. Another cashback and reward app you can choose from is Swagbucks. You can either earn cash or gift cards just for completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, etc.

5. Get Rid of Your Cable

I haven’t had cable in over 10 years and honestly, I don’t miss it. But, if you must have your TV shows and movies to watch then there are tons of budget friendly options to choose from. One great way to watch TV is by using a flat antenna. I have one and this is a great way to watch your local TV channels. However, if you want more, then I encourage you to buy a fire TV stick. This allows you to have your streaming services like Amazon prime video, Netflix, and Hulu all in one place. I have both and they have worked out great for me.

6. Grocery Shopping

Before you go shopping, I highly suggest creating a shopping list. By not doing so, you’re more likely to wander around the store and buy things you don’t need. If you’re lucky enough to have an Aldi or Lidl near you, shop there first. You can buy groceries at a fraction of the cost than if you were to go to another store. If you don’t have those stores in your city, all is not lost. Every grocery store has their own brand, like Walmart’s Great Value or Trader Joe’s. You can buy generic brand food items, tissue paper, cleaning products at a lower price than big name brand items.

7. Say Bye-Bye to Membership & Subscription Services

Take a look at your subscription services and determine what you do or don’t need. When I find myself not using a subscription service like I originally intended to, I cancel it. Instead of paying a monthly gym membership, consider working out at home. Fitness experts like Chloe Ting or Fitness Blender offer tons of free exercise videos through YouTube. Cancel your monthly music subscription and opt for a free version. You can save money towards your vacation rather quickly just by cutting down on your memberships and subscriptions.

8. Start a Side-hustle

Last but not least, start a side hustle. It’s a great way to can earn extra cash, but on your own time. You choose when and how many hours you want to work. There’s so many side hustles out there that you can do.

  • Create and sell your own custom designed apparel using Printful.
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Deliver food and or groceries
  • Refurbish and sell furniture
  • Babysit
  • Rent your extra room out on AirBnB

And more!

Now that you know of 8 ways to save money for your big vacation, don’t let not having tons of money stop you from booking that trip. I hope this post has inspired you to take action towards saving money for your vacation. Saving money for a vacation isn’t hard, it just requires some budgeting and thinking outside of the box.

XO Shanita

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