Why Personal Branding is Important

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What is a personal brand?

A “Personal Brand” is how you are perceived by the public. Everyone from your favorite celebrities to your favorite influencer is considered a personal brand. You may be thinking to yourself, why personal branding is important. A personal brand allows your customers to get to know who you are, your values, etc. The purpose of building a personal brand is to build trust between you and the client. Today’s consumers consist of millennials and they are more likely to shop with brands that have similar beliefs and values such as religion, giving back to the community, etc. In this post you are going to learn Why Personal Branding is Important.

What does personal branding consist of?

Personal branding reflects every small detail about yourself from the way you dress to how you communicate. As for your business, your brand consists of your logo, website, packaging and promotional material. You will need a color scheme, a well-built website, etc. That’s not all, you need to know who you are targeting with your brand’s message. Not everyone is going to gravitate toward you so know early on the target audience you will attract. Most importantly, your brand should leave your customers with a great feeling towards your business and the products/services you provide.

Influencers and personal branding

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Many influencers that we have come to know and love have used social media to build their brand. They connect with us via video, pictures, posts and more. There are many reasons why we follow individuals with personal brands. For example, you may follow different influencers because they are funny, have certain morals and values, give back to their community, etc Social media is a great way to start building a personal brand, just about everyone is connected and plugged into the internet.

Why should you build your personal brand?

Here are various reasons why you need to build a personal brand:

  • Customer Recognition & Loyalty – Customers who are familiar with your brand will trust you and consistently buy from you.
  • Premium Pricing – Successful branding adds value to your products and services and allows you to charge more.
  • Multiple Products – Establishing a well-respected personal brand can lead to producing new products.
  • Referrals – Consumers talk about brands all the time and will often speak of where they purchased their product from. This will lead to generating more revenue.

Personal Branding Examples

There are tons of people who have created a successful personal brand. You can use these individuals as a guide that can help you to create your own personal brand.

One woman that has built her business empire around her personal brand is Oprah Winfrey. According to Oprah.com , she got her start in television at WTVF-TV in Nashville, TN. Oprah’s hard work and determination led her to working at a TV station in Chicago to host AM Chicago which later turned into “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” You may have heard of it, the show was a pretty big deal back then. Today, Oprah has her own cable network “Oprah Winfrey Network.

Another great example of someone who has built a huge personal brand is Gary Vaynerchuk, known as Gary Vee. He got his start by creating videos on YouTube about wine. Today, he is one of the most recognized online entrepreneurs’ and marketers’ in the world.

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Advantages of Personal Branding

  • You will gain more visibility
  • Build confidence in who you are as a brand
  • People will trust you more
  • You will stand out from your competitors
  • You will be the subject matter expert of your niche

Final Thoughts!

I hope you enjoyed reading Why Personal Branding is Important! There’s no time like the present to get started on building your personal brand. The best way to get started is to take action. Start by creating a list that describes what makes you unique, what are your beliefs and how you can make an impact on your target audience. You can even go a step further and schedule a 1:1 consultation with me. Remember, that when you start creating your personal brand, it won’t come easy but with drive, commitment and consistency it will happen for you. You’ve got this!

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